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Cam Company Ltd Oy, short history

Cam Company Ltd Oy originates on the protoshops of Salora Oy and Nokia Display Products Oy in Salo, Finland. Cam Company Ltd started its operative working from 1 st June 2000 just in the same premises where the first Nokia traintelephone was developed about 30 years before. Our first resources were 10 worker who were transferred as old empoyees to the new company and also all the manufacturing machines and equipments of Nokia Display Products protoshop were then sold to us.

During these first years Cam Company has developed its skills and built up its resources to better serve all its customers and we have also looked for new customers.
We are happy to get still more demanding and at the same time rewarding new customers from different areas of the world. We humble do our best to help our customers always to succeed in their R&D projects. That is our mission, the main reason for our company to be in business!