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C-light is a world wide product innovation made by Cam Company Ltd Oy in Finland. C-light uses usual 3,7-15VDC telephone chargers to light 2 or 4 led bulbs in the lamp. Nowadays most telephone batteries need charging only 2-3 hours a week, so the rest of time they can be used to power C-light. Cam Company has invented, planned and produced C-light to take in use "the lazy charging capacity".

The two led bulbs in C-light last in use several years 24 hours a day. Led bulbs are very energy efficient and cheap to use. C-light uses only about 0,04 W, so You can keep the light always on.

You can order information and samples from us through web: info(at)camcompany.fi

Our sample package contains 6 pieces C-light with 2 led bulbs and we charge 120 euro + postal expenses on each sample delivery.

Cam Company Ltd Oy
Satamakatu 38
24100 SALO

VAT FI08597219

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